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Type 01.02.04, is the coin of year 3 of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. The coins carry the Nanakshahi legend which continues on the later Sikh coins. The legend is :
"Sikka zad bar Har do Alam Fazl Saccha Sahib ast; Fath i Gobind Shah i Shahan Tegh i Nanak wahib ast"
The mint name does not mention any city, but mentions "Struck by the Khalsa of auspicious fortune at the refuge of the age, the Ornament of the Throne, the city of the council". Hans Herrli does not support the theory that the coins were struck at the mud fort of Lohgarh. He is also of the opinion that the coins were not struck by Banda Singh, but later by Nawab Kapur Singh.

Sikh Empire - Khalsa Rupee Yr. 3
(O) : Nanakshahi legend
(R) : Farsi legend : Zarb Khalsa Mubarak Bakht. Ba-Aman Ad-Dahr Zinat at-Takht Mashwarat Shahr; Sanah 3

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