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The Sikh coinage is unique in the fact that it was never issued in the name of the Rulers, but continued to be in the name of the Sikh Guru's Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh. The first Sikh coin is said to have been struck by Banda Singh Bahadur after the victory at Sahrind. This coinage lapsed after Banda's fall and restarted with Sikh victory at Lahore in AD1765/VS1822. The Sikh Misl's, Maharaja Ranjit Singh and his successors continued to issue coins till the fall of the Sikh Empire in AD1849/VS1906.
The coins from the various Mints and types are catalogued here as per the book :
"The Coins of the Sikhs" by Hans Herrli
Additional unlisted varieties would be listed on separate pages.

The Khalsa Rupee's 01.01.04 - 01.02.04
AMRITSAR - Nanakshahi's 01.03.04; 01.04.04; 01.05.04 - 01.06.04; 01.07.04; 01.08.04; 01.12.04a; 01.13.04; 01.14.04 - 01.15.04; 01.16.04
AMRITSAR - Gobindshahi's  01.18.04; 01.19.04 - 01.20.04; 01.20A.04; 01.21.04; 01.22.04; 01.23.04


LAHORE - Gobindshahi's 08.02.04
PESHAWAR  13.01.04 - 13.02.04;
MANKERA  33.02.04;
MULTAN  11.01.04;

This section is being regularly updated, kindly keep checking.


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